Health Claims

The Perez Law Firm Will Represent You

We have represented patients, hospitals, and physicians facing denied medical claims. These denials can take the form of individual high-dollar claims, denials, or under payments arising out of managed care contracts. These reductions in payment may be based on cuts based on “usual, reasonable and customary” criteria, attempts by insurers to wrongfully shift costs to Medicare or Medicaid or alleging the provider is “out of network.” There are many types of reductions and denials. These claims are often governed by ERISA. This federal limits exposure to insurance companies. The appeal is many times a critical step that is often missed in medical claims. For years we have dealt with the complex legal, medical, and insurance terrain that makes up the world of denied health insurance claims. Whether the claim was called experimental or simply “late,” we have resolved these favorably. Whether you are the patient or a healthcare provider, please call us for a free telephone consultation at (513) 891-8777. We can help.