Long Term Care

We assure people get the insurance benefits they paid for

Long Term Care (LTC) insurance has been one of the fastest growing types of insurance sold in recent years. More than one hundred insurance companies now offer LTC policies.

The basic concept of LTC insurance is simple. Getting claims paid can be extremely difficult, frustrating, and time consuming. People who need these insurance benefits do not have the strength or ability to fight with their insurance company. Often when payment is denied they give up. The insurance companies end up with all the premiums and no payment of benefits. Some insurance companies may count on this.

Denials are often in the “fine print” in the LTC policies. The denial may be based on conditions under which benefits are paid. Insurance companies interpret policy terms to deny or limit benefits because the company profits. Insurance companies may engage in tactics such as repeatedly requesting the same documents, using biased doctors and nurses to justify denial of claims, or failing to advise their insured about benefits to which they are entitled.

We can help. For years, we have been assuring people get the insurance benefits they paid for. We have successfully obtained denied long-term care insurance benefits. If you, or anyone you know, has questions about claims against their insurance company, contact us for a free telephone consultation at (513) 891-8777.