Get The Documents

Whether it is a short-term disability claim or a long-term disability claim, you must first get the policy or plan. Please ask the insurance company and your employer for the Plan and the Summary Plan Description, then call us. We suggest you send a letter via certified, return receipt mail requesting both to the insurance company and to your employer. These documents are the key to you claim and we must read them. We also must read all of the correspondence that you have received.

Do not get angry. Call us for step by step help. You must go through the appeal process to get the right to sue. You must submit your evidence of disability in this appeal. Should you later file a lawsuit against your plan, the judge will only look at this material. You must provide supporting evidence – the right type of evidence – or you will lose your case, regardless of how disabled you may be. Finally, you have deadlines you must meet. Call us at (513) 891-8777 for a free telephone consultation on what to do.