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What Are Clients Saying About Us?

I was very pleased with Mr. Perez’s legal expertise and guidance in favorably resolving a complicated ERISA pension claim on my behalf. Mr. Perez did a thorough review of relevant case law, provided a helpful cost benefit analysis of various options to consider, and negotiated a successful resolution of my claim.
Mr. Perez excels in this specialized area of the ERISA law and I would highly
recommend him for any case.

K. Lewis

Attorney Robert Perez’s compassion and expertise was immediately evidenced first from his website and then confirmed upon our first meeting. He took a complicated, protracted, and time-consuming case and framed the facts into a truthful and accurate portrayal of everything that happened with our insurance company’s refusal to help my disabled husband. We alone could neither compel the insurance company to listen to us nor read our documented facts; they said our file was closed, and litigation was our only option. Attorney Perez’s persistence yielded a satisfying alternative solution for us. Do not believe everything the insurance company tells you, they want the file closed so no more money is paid out, even if you qualify. Robert Perez is unequaled as an ERISA attorney, well respected by his colleagues, and during this process we gained a friend as well.

K & W Doane

There are not enough words to express my satisfaction. They are beyond fantastic. Mr. Perez and his team of people at his law firm are best. They are so very professional, and so efficient. They are amazing in every way at what they do. There are not enough words to express my gratitude of just how great they are. They helped me so very very much get me what I paid into for years. They investigated my case and got me what the insurance I paid for. God Bless Mr. Perez and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for working so hard for me.

John Davis

After 36 years in a medical career I became disabled. I had a family that I had to provide for and I thought I had protected myself and my loved ones from financial hardship. When I could no longer work, I applied for disability benefits and benefits started. After about five months, payments stopped and I had no income. I was afraid and worried. I had a family to care for and I was in retirement that hadn’t been anticipated for several years. Another attorney I met in Philadelphia said, “the best in the Midwest was right in Cincinnati.” He recommended Mr. Perez.

The company’s investigation became detailed and stressful including a personal interview with a special investigator. Mr. Perez knew the protocol and set my mind at ease and assured me we would prevail. He knew how to define my professional role and demonstrate that the claim should be paid. Disability payments were restarted. You may think you understand disability claims as a layperson. I am here to tell you, you do not. The qualified expert is attorney Robert Perez.

Dr. G. Steven Baer

I just wanted to thank Mr. Perez and his staff for the fantastic job they did on working my disability claim. They were very attentive and did an awesome job. Thank you again.

C. Bolton

My sister and I were having no luck in getting my mom’s long term care policy to pay her benefits for assisted living care. Mr Perez helped us get her benefits approved and payment started. Without his invaluable help, we would have had no alternative but to find other means to care for our mother. We are highly appreciative of all he did to get her insurer to finally begin paying for her care.

Pamela Beals

I could not have gotten paid without Mr. Perez’s help. He really knows what he is doing.

Ray Childs

It was my pleasure and good fortune to have met you. From top-drawer to bottom­drawer, to all things professional you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. From professionalism to competence you have few equals. Thank you for the experience.

Thomas R. Bruce PhD.

Words can’t say thank you enough for how Mr Perez helped me at a time when I had no hope of getting help. He fought for me when a large company wanted only to dismiss my illness. I highly recommend him.

Cathy Henderson

You were recommend as a lawyer who had success in disability claims. You were very courteous, professional, and efficient as well as successful in having my claim paid.Thank you.

Wendi Keene

Mr. Perez and his firm worked diligently. He was able to get results I had no chance of getting without his assistance. I didn’t have to worry about a thing, because I knew they would handle everything expeditiously and accurately.

Marcia Shivar

I had a problem with my disability insurance. Another attorney, a close friend of mine, recommended Robert to me. He was diligent in his pursuit of my claim until we resolved the matter. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Dan Huerkamp

“Honest, straightforward and a first class act. Mr. Perez and his team were able to provide me with professional unbiased advice. He explains your options, good or bad, and guides you through the cycle of ERISA law.”

Douglas Dwyer

“After other attorneys refused our case stating that it would be costly and our chance of winning were almost zero, Mr. Perez accepted our case with enthusiasm. He worked on it for four years. We were very happy with the outcome. We would recommend him to anyone looking for legal help.”

Lynn Bloemker