Social Media

We want you to be aware that it is becoming commonplace for insurance companies to review and copy the content of Facebook accounts and other social media to determine whether your postings are consistent with the medical limitations that you have. Be aware that posting can create problems for you, especially if you post old photographs showing you involved in activities. The date that appears in Facebook is the date that the posting is uploaded, not the date that the photograph or video was actually taken. This can create significant problems when you can no longer do what is shown in the photograph or video. Some law firms are requiring that their clients stop using Facebook, or at least stop posting, during the time that the claim is pending. We would strongly suggest that you discontinue using social media why your claim is being examined. This is especially true of LinkedIn or such similar types of professional postings. Be aware that what you do is available to the public, including the claim adjuster who might be reviewing your claim.