Denied Claims

What if my claim is denied?

The largest area of our practice is helping clients obtain disability benefits. If you worked for a company that provided a group disability policy or self-insured plan for its employees, or if you purchased a disability policy on your own, we can help you.

Regrettably, many of the leading disability insurance companies engage in systematic strategies to deny claims. Companies have many tactics to deny legitimate claimants. We level the playing field for you so you can recover. We can assist you throughout the process. We get results.

Do not listen to the claim adjuster who tells you that you do not need a lawyer for your claim. We advise you and respond to the actions and requests of your disability insurance company. Our involvement tells the insurance company to take your claim seriously. We know what information and proof will get you paid. We know what questions to ask your treating doctors. Please call us for a free telephone consultation at (513) 891-8777. We can help.