Medical Professionals

Medical professionals face a unique set of challenges when it comes to longterm disability insurance claim filing, claim denials, and underpayment. This is often because longterm disability (LTD) and disability insurance companies tend to target medical professional’s claims due to their high salaries and high benefits. This is also why you need an experienced doctors’ disability claims attorney, like the Perez Law Firm Co. LPA, on your side. Disability insurance companies target these claims because they know how to take advantage of the work conditions and employment settings medical professionals have. The insurance companies will look for other reasons to deny highly compensated medical professionals. We are familiar with the special policies that have been sold to doctors and other medical professionals. We represented many types of medical professionals and know the many different ways that disability insurance companies try to save money by denying legitimate claims. With our help, you can be protected from the insurance company’s attempts to find any information that may be used to wrongfully deny your claim or to stop the insurance company from using the tactic of requiring you to submit the same information over and over and delaying the payment.