Class Actions

A class action is a lawsuit where one or several persons bring a claim for themselves for a larger group of persons. While the subject matter of class action lawsuits can vary widely, two factors should be present for a class action: there must be issues in common to all members of the class, and the number of people affected is large. These cases start as the result of complaints by one or a handful of persons. If you have been harmed by a wrong and you think that it might be a wide spread practice please contact us. In addition to representing individuals we have experience in class actions. This is a powerful legal procedure for responsibility and accountability is a formidable tool for positive social change.

Class action lawsuits are means of enabling persons, to correct injustices committed by powerful, multimillion dollar corporations and institutions. Each person within a large group may have suffered only limited damages and the cost of individual lawsuits would be far greater than the value of each claim. However, the total damages to the class could be quite large. The wrongdoer would have the incentive to continue its fraudulent conduct. Where there is a pattern of wrongdoing, a class action can provide an effective way to correct the problem without the costs of thousands of separate lawsuits and inconsistent results.