Local and Limited

The Importance of Local and Limited Caseloads

It is important to have a lawyer who is local. You should select a local lawyer. We know the legal system here. There are many lawyers trying to represent clients in this area from places like New Jersey, California or Florida. It is not their expertise that brought them to the top of your web browser but the fact that they pay Google for you to contact them. They do not have the local resources for treatment or testing that you need. We’ve established our name and reputation in this area. We have developed relationships with the local judges and court personnel. The insurance carriers respect our expertise. Consider us to represent you because we will be available for you. Because of our reputation and experience, you will more likely have a successful outcome than someone who came up first on your Google search.

We are known for our personal touch. All clients receive the individual attention they require. This personalized approach to law is made possible by the firm’s emphasis on limited caseloads. We are very selective in the cases that we take. Some law firms work on volume and the goal is to advertise broadly and close the claim out as quickly as possible. That is not what we do. By maintaining a lower volume of cases, we are better able to build strong relationships with our clients. A limited caseload makes it possible for us to keep you informed, return your telephone calls, and assure communication is clear and documented. If we have your benefits reinstated, we are going to be working together for years. We want to assure that your stream of benefits is protected and that we monitor your claim and protect your interests. We listen to you and take the time to understand your unique concerns and answer all of your questions. Ultimately, the excellent attorney‑client relationship we establish with you is reflected in the comments from our clients who we’ve helped. Our work in representing you is careful, thoughtful, and thorough.